System Features

Real Time Order Management 

Receive and manage orders in real time, and view all sales information directly via the dashboard. Control order wait times and ordering ability based on your own preferences.

Customizable Menu Builder

Our System allows you to create your own custom menu to display to customers. Option sets and conditions can be created for each menu, allowing you to completely control online menus.

Automatic Order Status Updates

Our system is almost completely hands-free with the ability to set-up automatic order status updates so you do not have to manually notify customers that their orders are confirmed and ready.

Automatic Order Printing

Our system is set-up to require as little hands-on work as possible. All orders are automatically printed to the kitchen the second they are placed.

Analytics & Customer Tracking

Basic reports allow businesses to get an overview of all orders and sales over time along with their status breakdown.

Online Table Reservations 

Customers can reserve a table for any number of days in advance. Reservations are conveniently displayed all within your ordering dashboard. 

Contactless Table Ordering

Customers are able to order directly from their tables with the use of customized QR codes made for each table that are connected to our system.

Custom Delivery Zones 

You control delivery parameters by setting up your own pre-configured delivery rules and zones. Also integrated with delivery tracking. 

Promos & Discounts 

Create your own custom promo codes and discounts through your ordering system. Restrict users from over-using codes according to customized guidelines.

Customer Accounts

Created to help easy ordering for returning customers. Customers are able to create accounts so that they can re-order their regular orders time-after-time.

iOS & Android Apps

Boost your brand and business with your own custom iOS & Android app uploaded to the app stores

Staff Accounts 

Staff accounts are created fro front-of-house employees, set-up with restricted access to prevent tampering and access to sensitive information.

Free Custom Domain 

All of our ordering systems are created under a yay3.com domain but we can connect your own domain and generate an SSL Certificate for free for you!

Complete List of System Features